Raspberry Pi 4 Wifi Connectivity Issues

Hello again @majorz

I did exactly what you said, and I am able to see the wifi connection, but my phone will not connect to the Raspberry Pi. Since it sounds like it’s working on your end, I am aware that this could possibly be an issue with iOS 13 and MacOS. Here is the message I get on my iPhone:


Hi, it is possible that iOS 13 changed something. I will check whether my wife’s iPhone runs that version and check with it. Will get back to you soon.

Hi @cpollock,

I tested with iOS 13.2 and I could not reproduce it. Maybe we can do the following: can you install a test device, reproduce this with your iPhone and leave it like that with Ethernet available. Then enable support access to the device from the dashboard (from the drop-down menu next to the light bulb). And then post here the UUID of the test device, so that I can access it with my support credentials (it won’t be accessible for other users). I can check the log files in the device this way and look for any indications.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Hi @majorz

I was able to test some more today and I didn’t run into the same issues as before. Not sure what caused it, but it appears to work now. Thanks for your support!

Hello People
Some how I reached here by searching. I just wanted to ask that I’m not able to connect my pi 4 to my iPhone 7. I had my Iphone connected with Pi 3 but at the moment I’m not able to connect it with Pi 4. The error I’m getting is a black screen after Pi loading.
I dont know what is going on.?