Question on SPI and the BalenaFin board

So I’m working on getting some dotstar LED strips working on the BalenaFin board. The Dockerfile builds successfully, and I’m able to navigate to the code from the Balena Cloud Dashboard to execute the python script. The code runs fine, but the LED’s aren’t lighting up. I’ve been researching online and the documents say that SPI is turned on by default. According to the documentation for the pins, the ones I need are pin 6 and 8 on the Co-Processor I/O Connector. The code works on a RPi and it lights up. The pins I’m using there are GPIO 11 SCLK and GPIO MOSI GPIO10.

I feel like I’m missing something, like a connection between the pins and LED strip, but not sure what.

Hi @jmeyers2 can you show us a picture of the connections for the balenaFin. I think you shouldn’t be using the co-processor pins, but rather use the pi pins.

Hi @shaunmulligan, you are correct. I read your comment and decided to look at it again and my wiring was incorrect. Thanks for the help.

No worries, glad you got it going!