Query if music is playing in balena-sound


Because my USB speakers turn off automatically, I created a cron job in “bluetooth-audio” container that plays a 22Khz wav file with aplayer every 10 minutes. But If i’m listening to music this interferes. So I would like to create a scripts that queries if sound is playing in Balena-sound and if so the cron job exits. But I do not how to query if sound is playing. Should I query something from alsa? Or should I grep on the snapcast-client log? And if I have to query snapcast client log how do I connect to the snapcast-client container from " bluetooth-audio" container?

Thanks in advance!


Hey, could you better describe the problem you’re having. If the speaker turns off due to inactivity and your solution was to play an audio clip via a cron job then wouldn’t playing music achieve the same result?

Unless you want to keep the speaker awake so when you play music there is no delay or boot up ?

Hello, thank you for your reply.
Due to inactivity the speaker turns off, usb device disappears, and alsa is missing default device.
To make alsa work again I have to:

  1. Turn on the speaker
  2. Restart balenasound

But I already figured out a workaround with a cron job an the following script:

if [ $running -gt 0 ]; then
echo its running >> /var/log/cron.log
echo its not running lets play wav file >> /var/log/cron.log
/usr/bin/aplay /root/silent.wav

So this topic can be closed!
Thank you for replying!


Hi @rbuffing – glad you found a workaround for your problem. I would definitely encourage you to file a feature request for balenaSound – this definitely sounds like something that could be improved. Would you be able to add logs from your device to that request, to show what’s being logged when this happens?

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Hello, I will file the request. And add logs. Syslog will show USB device is disconnected after 10 minutes of not playing sound.