Pyserial packages install


I am trying to install pyserial packages into my RaspberryPi3 which is running BalenaOS and BalenaSense example. However, I am not able to do so. Can you please help me how I can get in my RaspberryPi and install this? I am trying to ssh but balena local scan cannot find any devices.


Hi @hemanthsingh_in, welcome to the balena community! I assume you are building the baleanSense project using the balenaCloud right? in that case I will probably move this forum thread to that topic?

In general for containers you install things during build time in your Dockerfile. So to add pyserial to balenaSense you would add it to pyserial to the end of this line . That would pip install pyserial into the “sensor” container. You can then use the webterminal on balena Dashboard to ssh into the container and test things.


Thanks for your reply. It helps.