Dockerfile.<Device_name> tag not working on local mode

I am currently deploying images to different devices from a single repo trying to deploy from a single repo, to different devices using the Dockerfile.

I currently have two docker files, and Dockerfile.raspberry-pi in my root directory. It successfully builds different images when I push to the corresponding app for each devices.

However, when I try to use resinCLI for local deployment, resinCLI complains that it cannot find a dockerfile on the root directory.

$ sudo resin local push 6aa96b3.local -s .
No Dockerfile found in the project directory: /home/jalim/dev/auterion_distro_resin

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Is there anyway to locally deploy the image while having multiple dockerfiles in the repository?

Thank you in advance


Unfortunately you can’t specify a particular Dockerfile for use when carrying out a local resin push.

However, you might be able to get round this by using a Dockerfile template, and building particular parts of your App based on the target machine. There’re details here which outlines the build variables we expose.

Hope this helps!