Push Video Files to Raspi

Feb 08, 2020


Four months back, I was able to push files for a Raspi video server out to the device from the dos prompts. I was just completing the “Balena Push” from dos, and it was working.

It’s fighting me now. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Any help would be appreciated.



Can you show us the commands you use and what the error is that you see? This would help us to figure out what is going on. Thank you.

Feb 11, 2020


The snag I ran into, was during the weekend. I think, possibly, I did a screen capture of that, that day. I have to get set up to figure those details out. That may take a day, or a few days. I’ll try to re-set up the cam provisioning as soon as possible.Things are busy.

Brian Wayne

Brian, no problem. Do let us know once you get back to it. Cheers.