Push to balena os staging

I am trying to push my code to my staging device, but can’t seem to find out how to do it?

Hi there, can you please provide a bit more information? How are you trying to push your code to the device? What do you mean a “staging” device, you mean an application on “balena-staging.com”? What you normally want to do is set BALENARC_BALENA_URL to balena-staging.com, and then you can then do balena push <appname> as usual, if you are using the CLI. If you are using git, you need to add the remote origin for the staging app to your git repo, and then push to that.

I am trying to push to a device with an image from balena-staging.com using CLI.

  1. Do i need to login with my staging account?
  2. How do i set the BALENARC_BALENA_URL on windows?

Yes, you need to log in with your staging account. The workflow is exactly the same with production, the only difference being the endpoint you are pointing to.
I think on Windows it depends on the terminal tool you are using, and I am not using Windows so I cannot be of much help there I am afraid. A quick search should give you that information though, but let me know if you are still struggling with it and I can ask around people who do use a Windows machine.

Is it just like when i set DEBUG=1?

Yes, it is the same


For future googlers it would be set BALENARC_BALENA_URL=balena-staging.com

You are welcome, and thanks for sharing the info about setting an envvar :slight_smile: