Pulling built docker image from resin.io build server?

Is there a way to pull the built docker image from the resin.io build server?

Would like to use as a base image to then layer other components on from private registry. Can just build a new application and build everything from start, but current build times run to hours, would like to not repeat the component builds if possible


can you take a look at our docs here: https://docs.resin.io/configuration/custom-docker-base-images/

and let us know if that helps?


I am looking to do the reverse so I have a arm64 image in my local registry


so I was informed that this is not supported at the moment in the exact way you describe it.
However, we support multi-stage docker builds that perhaps you will find useful.
You can read a blog post here: https://resin.io/blog/multi-stage-docker-builds-for-tiny-iot-images/
and you can also take a look at some sample projects here:
and here: