Pulling images directly from private docker registry

Is there any way to pull images directly from my private docker registry, without the need to upload/build anything on Resin’s servers?

Desired result would be similar to a compose.yml file on a device

version: '2'
    image: REGISTRY_NAME/APP_NAME:latest

We’ve got Resin working where the server and device are both on the same air-gapped LAN, so I’m sure pointing to an alternative registry is possible. I’m going to ping the lovely gentleman who did a bunch of the work in creating that setup.

Forgot to ask “why?” to dig into the underlying reason, and see if there’s any other or better options.

Main reason being that we already have multiple production images running on a private docker registry, so if its possible, it may be a better choice for us to maintain that part of the workflow while leveraging the benefits of Resin. Another reason is purely for enterprise security compliance regarding proprietary codes.


Unfortunately, we don’t currently support pulling from private registries, as there are potential security and state issues associated with this.

However, a development resinOS image will allow you to locally build and push images to a device using the resin local push command from the resin CLI tool. See https://github.com/resin-io/resin-cli/blob/master/doc/cli.markdown#local-push-deviceip for further details.

We do have a number of customers who are happy to have completed images stored in our own registries once built (as there are obviously build secrets associated with building these images). This is currently possible on both production and development flavours of resinOS, and the resin CLI tool’s resin deploy (https://github.com/resin-io/resin-cli/blob/master/doc/cli.markdown#deploy-appname-image) allows this functionality to be achieved (you can build the image locally, or use an image pre-existing in your local Docker registry, and then the resulting image is pushed to our registries).

I hope this has given you a few more options.