Project BirdWatch

The idea is to make a as cheap as possible IoT setup with a cam & mic on it and record birds and stream the video to AWS or any suitable cloud and then do machine leaning analysis to be able to identify and document birds .

In my Mind the possibilities are endless , we could track birds , find migration patterns and other cool stuff , If we are able to make it cheap or enough people curious enough to have many such device all over the place.

Most of the work is already done by Marc

Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions.

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That’s a really interesting idea @shubhsboson

Maybe you can get the birdWatcher project made by @mithundotdas as a boilertemplate and get the stream from the camera from the camera service and send it to AWS or whatever? What do you think?

I think you can get the stream from here birdwatcher/ at f83a4483cfd1a0a5e8ecf70f57a27e1be003d763 · just4give/birdwatcher · GitHub

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Sounds Awesome! I’ll look into this.

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Great discussion @mpous @shubhsboson . Subham, as you are looking for cheaper option, I think running inference engine on cloud would be expensive compare to running on the edge. In addition - security and data usage are other two bottlenecks. If you are thinking about balena fleet, someone may not like their camera stream send to fleet owner’s cloud ( unless every device owner uses own cloud ). Sending every image or audio from device to cloud would need lot of data usage. Just my thoughts :slight_smile: Probably you already thought about these.

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Very good observations @mithundotdas

At least i didn’t think on that!

Hi @mithundotdas totally agree with your points but the idea is to be able to leave it in forests or other remote areas for a day or two (or possibly more) so if the hardware is cheap , in the unlikely event that some of these are lost , not much is gone.
Also, about the privacy challenges , that’s a very big challenge for now but maybe we could have some privacy licenses and other legal stuff in place to assure users of no malpractices.

I don’t still have the whole picture in my mind but say we have one in Mumbai , One in Pune , and one in Kolkata & same bird is spotted on all of them in different seasons , we could create migration patterns , we could also have local databases of birds.

I know one cloud seems like a privacy/financial nightmare but just hours ago I saw some birds bathing in a puddle and I kept thinking how many such awesome footage we could collect.

Also , other people must have had similar ideas , I’m trying to find how they solved these issues.

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Maybe we add some kind of local cloud setup for individuals who then can review and upload data to central cloud servers, No public livestreaming.

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