IoT Project Clinic: the test episode!

Hey, everyone!

We recently did a test run of a new concept that we’d like to explore more of-- the IoT Project Clinic.

Teammates, community members, and makers from all around are welcome to join us to talk about their projects, ask questions, and get ideas on what do build next. Check out the pilot episode:

It’s also a way to share how we work at balena (working out in the open, collaborating freely). We’d love thoughts and feedback about our first run here. We’ll also share ways to get involved with future episodes.


We featured projects and advice from @alanb128 @dragomir @danthegoodman1 @klutchell @rahul-thakoor and more. Feel free to chime in on what you thought and what you’d like to see more of.

This is super cool.! would love to be part of this initiative.

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Good to hear @abhatikar!

Next week, perhaps watch live and send in a project idea or question. :blush:

Will do. Thanks, looking forward for the details on how to join