Access boot partition from within container


Hi guys.

I am running a balena system, where i have a config file stored in the host boot partition. More precisely i am running a RevPi Core 3 based system, where a config for a kernel module is stored in /mnt/boot/config.rsc

I need some way of editting this particular file from within my container. What are my options?

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@Mathias host bind mounts are not supported, so there is no way to do this to my knowledge.


Damn… Would there be a way of symlinking it to somewhere that can be accessed ?
I considered symlinking it to /var/lib/docker/volumes/<APP_ID>_resin-data/_data, but the dynamic part of the APP_ID, makes it a bit hard to do more generically.

Is there a way to overcome this issue? Eg. Add some script to the host system, that automatically resolves APP_ID and creates the symlink to /mnt/boot/config.rsc ?


This is a restriction (intended) on the balenaCloud/supervisor side, the OS can bind mount just fine. So I guess if you made modifications to the OS/supervisor then you could circumvent this, but it is really outside of anything I have ever tried to do, sorry.