Problems with basicstation

I don’t know if this is coincidental or not, but @mpous I have a suspicion you and Jose were chatting recently :grinning:

You discovered us @barryjump! i’m working on documenting this! Stay tunned @ronyvargas :slight_smile:

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Ok @barryjump and @ronyvargas i just documented the github repo. For The Things Stack you will need to create a different variable called TC_KEY .

More information here:

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You did it! Nice work. I didnt test it with TTI’s conference version of TTS (was that something they offered special to conference guests?) However, I did just confirm it works with my private installation of TTS which is what we were trying to do anyway. Thank you so much!!

BTW, did you ever encounter the scenario of the gateway changing its GW_ID at random with reboots or restarts? I can’t quite figure out why, but with every container restart it chooses one of about 5 random gateway ID’s that look nothing like the actual hardware’s ID. I manage to get around this by provisioning 5 versions of the gateway in TTS console so that when the Pi picks one of those 5 it connects to the network server.

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Yes @barryjump i have seen this behaviour but maybe is related with the docker-compose permission to the basicstation container. I’m still investigating this. Will keep you updated :slight_smile: