Postgres Remote Connection


Hi - we’re trying to set up a Resin image based on resin/rpi-raspbian:jessie that allows remote Postgres database connections, but are really having a hard time getting it to allow the remote connect. Do you know of any examples or people who have done this? Anything we should know about ports that wouldn’t be open/accessible in a LAN?


Hey @rmoore, just to confirm the db is running the device or is it the client trying to connect to a remote db?


A remote client is trying to connect to the Postgres database hosted in the Resin container


The container exposes all ports so you should be able to hit anything over the local network.

Hmm, what error codes are you getting? My first guess is that the Postgres process or container is silently dying, can you confirm it’s up via logs?


We figured it out - it was related to Postgres config. Thanks!