Latest balenaEtcher on macOS showing suspicious password dialog?

I just updated to balenaEtcher 1.13.1, and when I went to use it, it prompted me for an admin password with this dialog:

But macOS 13 normally displays the dialog like this:

Grr. This forum won’t let me put two images in one post. Silly restriction. I’ll reply to this thread with the other image.

I find this suspicious, and am not comfortable entering my password into this dialog. I sure don’t recall seeing that style of dialog before.

Here’s what it should look like on Ventura:


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Thanks for the feedback, it is really valuable.
Sorry for the inconvenience with the forum, glad you pushed it trough.

Etcher uses the same library for the admin prompt for quite some time, however macOS changes.
I guess since you don’t want to enter your password there you were not able to complete the flashing.
We will update this part as soon as possible.
If you downloaded etcher from balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives or the github repo you should be good to go.
Other option is to start etcher already as admin, so it won’t ask for password during the process.