Please add -slim base OS images

Since the transition to balenalib, the -slim variants of base images have disappeared. These are extremely important for IOT devices as they significantly reduce the size of containers.

In particular, I’d like to use:

FROM balenalib/%%BALENA_MACHINE_NAME%%-debian:stretch-slim

I did notice that we now have -build and -run but I’m not sure if -run is the same as -slim.

Hi @jgentes, yes you are right. run is the new slim :slight_smile:

From the balenalib announcement:

For each combination of distro and stack we have two variants called run and build . The build variant is much heavier as it has a number of tools preinstalled to help with building source code. You can see an example of the tools that are included in the Debian Stretch variant here. The run variants are stripped down and only include a few useful runtime tools, see an example here. If no variant is specified, the image defaults to run