Hardware access inside container

Is it possible to use hardware accelerated video from inside the Resin container? I have an application that I’d like to deploy that would display video through the HDMI port but requires hardware acceleration.

I’m able to start X but it seems to be framebuffer only.

Okay, digging deeper into it I do seem to have DRI, but none of the necessary GL support. So it looks like it’s more likely a library/config issue than a container issue. I’ll keep poking but leave this up just in case anyone has run a GL app through Resin and can point me at the right packages :slight_smile:

I guess it’s worth mentioning that since the last post there were some hardware acceleration improvements for RPi + containers, some details in this blogpost: How We Fixed the Raspberry Pi GPU for Containers

Also, have you found any more pointers for GL support? That would be great to include in some kind of future documentation. A quick search didn’t turn up any example projects using projects using hw acceleration, but remember seeing it mentioned (in connection with RPi and some ODROID boards, I think).