Play on both Sonos and BalenaSound devices through airplay?

Is it possible to play music on both Sonos and BalenaSound devices at the same time? On my airplay devices, my Sonos speakers have circles next to them that allows me to select multiple devices to airplay to, but my Balenasound device doesn’t have this.

Hello @kasbruh, balenaSound maintainer here.

Both Sonos and balenaSound have a way of syncing audio to play in multiple devices at the same time, but the implementations are most likely different and incompatible. I can’t find any info on how Sonos does this internally, and I suspect even if they used the same method we use that it won’t have an open API of any sort (that’s just going by my personal experience with them).

So unfortunately I don’t think that it will be possible, at least as of today.

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If you are interested in balenaSound multi-room feature, here you can read a bit more about it:
Basically, you only stream to a device which then takes care of relaying audio to any other (balenaSound) devices on your network.

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Ah, bummer :confused: Wanted to add my old hifi-system to the mix. Thanks for the super quick response anyway :slight_smile: