Pi0 in a strange update loop

Hi all,

I’ve got an image I created and pushed up and it’s been in a loop for a couple of days downloading to a “virgin” Pi0 image

01.12.18 23:52:24 (+0000) Creating network 'default'
02.12.18 00:13:59 (+0000) Creating volume 'resin-data'
02.12.18 00:14:01 (+0000) Downloading image 'registry2.balena-cloud.com/v2/8bf310b4c533e77e4d3baeb17a0bf6a8@sha256:30da3b7863a75ac782d5c05460e2f4902268f8ede66e9225b4a312aec1f83500'
02.12.18 02:16:55 (+0000) Downloading image 'registry2.balena-cloud.com/v2/8bf310b4c533e77e4d3baeb17a0bf6a8@sha256:30da3b7863a75ac782d5c05460e2f4902268f8ede66e9225b4a312aec1f83500'
02.12.18 03:55:46 (+0000) Downloading image 'registry2.balena-cloud.com/v2/8bf310b4c533e77e4d3baeb17a0bf6a8@sha256:30da3b7863a75ac782d5c05460e2f4902268f8ede66e9225b4a312aec1f83500'
02.12.18 05:35:54 (+0000) Downloading image 'registry2.balena-cloud.com/v2/8bf310b4c533e77e4d3baeb17a0bf6a8@sha256:30da3b7863a75ac782d5c05460e2f4902268f8ede66e9225b4a312aec1f83500'
02.12.18 07:16:10 (+0000) Downloading image 'registry2.balena-cloud.com/v2/8bf310b4c533e77e4d3baeb17a0bf6a8@sha256:30da3b7863a75ac782d5c05460e2f4902268f8ede66e9225b4a312aec1f83500'
02.12.18 08:57:28 (+0000) Downloading image 'registry2.balena-cloud.com/v2/8bf310b4c533e77e4d3baeb17a0bf6a8@sha256:30da3b7863a75ac782d5c05460e2f4902268f8ede66e9225b4a312aec1f83500'
02.12.18 11:58:37 (+0000) Downloading image 'registry2.balena-cloud.com/v2/8bf310b4c533e77e4d3baeb17a0bf6a8@sha256:30da3b7863a75ac782d5c05460e2f4902268f8ede66e9225b4a312aec1f83500'
02.12.18 15:03:00 (+0000) Downloading image 'registry2.balena-cloud.com/v2/8bf310b4c533e77e4d3baeb17a0bf6a8@sha256:30da3b7863a75ac782d5c05460e2f4902268f8ede66e9225b4a312aec1f83500'
02.12.18 17:19:36 (+0000) Downloading image 'registry2.balena-cloud.com/v2/8bf310b4c533e77e4d3baeb17a0bf6a8@sha256:30da3b7863a75ac782d5c05460e2f4902268f8ede66e9225b4a312aec1f83500'

Any thoughts?



Hi Alex,

This shouldn’t happen.

Can you share which OS version you are running?
Is the device on a good stable internet/wifi connection?
We find that sometimes unstable internet/wifi can lead to such issues sometimes.


Hi @zubairlk,

After two to three days of trying to update it’s finally succeeded. Oddly it wasn’t showing any errors I could spot beforehand.

The image is the latest RPi development image for my application here with Wifi SSID and Key set.


I downloaded and have pushed a custom image into the repo which I built and which is quite large.

My base image here


This is built from your raspberry-pi debian base image.

Then there’s a little customisation here which is pushed to the Balena repo

The Wifi is pretty good tbh. I’m using Virgin Media broadband here. Also if the Wifi was flakey I think I’d expect to see some error messages?



Hi Alex,

Yes network issues should give errors.
In the future, if you get a device into a similar state, please grant support access and share the long device url. That’ll allow us to have a peek into the device and check the logs to see what could be causing the issue.


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Will do. Thanks!