Pi VPN appliance

So, I’ve been working on this thing for a while.

Basically, it started as a project to enable Netflix access out of region and blew up into what it is today, which is a multi-functional VPN appliance with Wi-Fi, LAN, policy routing, WAN acceleration, obfuscation, etc. There is a bit more on the architectural detail here.

the appliance has a few modes (a) un-blocking for streaming content; (b) peer-to-peer VPN (x2 Pi’s needed); and © VPN client for services such as PIA, HMA, etc.

Mode (a) requires a subscription, because someone has to pay for the hosting of exit nodes. The other two modes are free.

Feel free to kick the tyres and provide feedback…

– ab1


sounds awesome and quite timely with all the recent ISP stuff! @petrosagg @jack you may find this interesting.