Orange Pi / Raspberry Pi New Onion routing network access point

Hi everyone,

I just like to take a moment to share my open source access point for a brand new onion routing network that is soon to be publicly released. The network is already comprised of over 900 relay nodes globally and continuing to grow. The new network should offer significant advantages over TOR in addition to Sybil attack resistance. The network is free to use for basic use, supports hidden services and will also offer other services based on a freemium model. The AP creates a WiFi hotspot and if your hardware has dual Ethernet will additionally generate ip’s for wired devices to connect to the network. It runs the network daemon allowing access and routing traffic through the device. For this reason special consideration has been taken to work with Armbian in addition to Raspbian for those devices with more than 1 ethernet port included. I will try and check back to provide updates but the project information is available here on github. Balena Etcher is used to burn an initial OS image to sd card and then once installed in the device through ssh using PuTTy and the installer it installs and configures the rest.