Pi-hole with official Raspberry Smart Touch screen

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I’ve set up a rpi 3 with pi-hole. But saw in the manual that it could also show PADD info on a screen. In the example the piTFT is used, but I own an official Raspberry SmartPi Touch display. Is it possible to have the PADD output shown on this screen? If yes, what are the settings I’ll have to add to the device configuration? Have been playing around a bit, but the only thing I can seem to make visual is a balena logo (either the full logo, green tint on a white background or part of the logo clipped at the top).

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I don’t have that screen to test, but the approach I’d take would be to try to set it up standalone first and then integrate it with pi-hole or whatever project I’m working on. Doesn’t the hardware come with instructions how to configure it with, say, Raspbian?

Hey Wes, welcome to the forums. The project is set up to only start the PADD output if it detects the PiTFT, so all you’ll have to do is disable this check. I’ve just tested it on the official Raspberry Pi touchscreen here and it works well.

First of all, stick with the settings you found that show the full balenaOS logo correctly, but really you shouldn’t need any special settings to achieve this. Next, you’ll want to edit (in the project) pihole/init/30-checktft.sh to be:

#!/usr/bin/with-contenv bash

s6-echo "Enabling PADD"
rm -f /etc/services.d/padd/down

After that, delete the services/fbcp directory (this is related to the PiTFT and not required. Then push the project as normal and you should see the PADD output on your display.

I hope this helps!

Hi @chrisys,

I’m a bit unsure where to find this pihole/init/30-checktft.sh file. I tried locating it via the terminal within my balena cloud environment, but my bash skills are near to non existent, I can find my way around normal ‘linux/unix’ terminal command, but bash has never been something I picked up. Also put the sd-card in my computer, but then I just see a small volume named resin-boot, which doesn’t contain the file either.

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Hi, you can find 30-checktft.sh file inside your balena-pihole project https://github.com/klutchell/balena-pihole/blob/master/pihole/init/30-checktft.sh