balena pihole on balenacloud CLI

i can’t push my project into my raspberry pi zero w with balena cli with a command.Eny time i try to do “balena push balenaPi-hole” it shays that"there is not a file with this name or file is not available". i’ve tried cd …/project but it doesn’t work either.

Hello, please note that the balena Pi-Hole project hardware requirements require at least a Raspberry Pi model 2 or higher. If possible, do try the project with one of those devices. As far as the error message, is your build starting at all (displaying [Info] messages) or is this the only message you receive when you issue the balena push command? You should confirm that you are in the project directory (the one with the docker-compose.yml file) when you issue the command and that you are using the same application name (case sensitive) that you used in the previous step when you created the application.

Hello Alan yes it is displaying boot Messenges but only the push commant is not working I downloaded the files that it needs according to the site:
Now I have noticed that the site tells in the hardware reqierments that is not for raspberry pi 1 and zero."(not 1/Zero)"
Sorry for wasting your time.

Hello @giannis, not a waste at all, we are glad to help. Please let us know if you have any issues when trying the project on a more powerful Pi.