Permanently disable unused services


is there an option to permanently disable services? If i stop airplay for example, its up and running after rebbot again.
How can i keep it shut down?

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Stopping services like that is meant to offer temporary control over the services running on the device. If you want the container removed, you may remove it from the docker-compose.yml file.

okay, but i can’t find this File via my Windows Laptop, right?

Does it need console prompts to disable this?

…sorry, complete noob if it comes to console operation :slight_smile:

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In order to permanently stop running services, you’ll need to follow the CLI deploy instructions here: After downloading the source code but before pushing to your application, you’ll want to remove those stanzas from your docker-compose.yml. If you need more information, please do check out our CLI masterclass ( or our Getting Started guides:

Please let us know if you have further issues!