Balena-Sound: How to disable services, eg. don't run UPNP

Is it possible to disable individual Balena-Sound services like Bluetooth and UPNP via variables set in the in Balena Dashboard?
The UI can be used to start/stop, but I am looking for a way to disable these from starting on boot.
Any help much appreciated, thanks.

Hi, welcome to the forums.

Can you let me know a little more? Do you want the services to be in the application still, only stopped from boot? Or would you like to remove them altogether?

The latter can be done, but you’ll need to use the more advanced method of deploying balenaSound and pushed the code to your application manually (i.e. don’t use the “Deploy with balena” button):

If you have the code downloaded from GitHub, you can just comment out the services you don’t want in your docker-compose.yml file and balena push to your application, and those services will be removed.

Let me know if you need any more help,

Thanks Phil.
I am looking to keep them in the application but not run at boot.
I am doing everything through the Balena dashboard, following the helpful introduction guide. I’m not set up for the command line tools - I could do so, but just wondered if there was an easy way through the service variables?

Hi, no there isn’t a way to do this with service variables on this project. We have considered doing this in the past - but there comes a point where you’re making a project overly complex or too configurable. If you are willing to install the balena cli and use balena push then you can definitely do this yourself, though.

One way would be to edit the docker-compose to change any services you don’t want to auto-restart to restart_policy: none and then in the bash script of each service to exit if a service variable is set or not set (up to you).