Out of Sync multiroom

Hi,thx for balenasound.I just installed it on 2 Rpi and it was surprisingly easy!
The only pbm us thé music is out if synch.
Is there a way to fix that?

Hi, welcome to the forums,

Can you tell us more information about your setup? E.g: What devices are you using? What are you using to stream (is it bluetooth/airplay/spotify)?

Hi :grinning:,
I use 2 raspberry pi (3b and 3b+)and I stream via airplay (using ds audio) but the problem is the same with Spotify.They are wireless (wifi ) .

Can you please clarify how much out of synch it is? Does one of the devices output sound several seconds later?

I would say one second of delay

Hey @Babtou59,
Thank you for trying out BalenaSound and joining the community!

This would certainly be the first time we see such a problem, so we’ll need some extra info to be able to help you solve this issue.
I understand that you have these 2 different devices, raspberry pi 3b and 3b+ and the delay occurs both when you stream music via Spotify and via Airplay.

What is the devices’ setup, which one is working as the server and which one as the client?

Hello @georgiats
I don’t know to be honest , I just followed the tutorial which said :" To deploy a second (or third, fourth…) device, you simply need to flash the same OS image you downloaded for the first device to more SD cards, plug the devices in and power them up. That’s it! As long as you’re running the latest version there’s no need to push code again."

I’ve connected an hifiberry card to the raspberry 3+ ( hiffiberry digi +) and it is connected to my onkyo amplifier , hte other one is connected via rca to an omni 20+ speaker

Hi again,I try to connect an earphone to thé second raspberry and there s no delay si l think the problem comes from my omni 20+ speaker