Organization-wide saved views


I am writing here to resurface topic 230839. The OP’s main question was about grouping devices, which the support team told him how (tags + saved views).

It was also mentioned in that thread that the saved views are saved in your browser’s local storage, so they can’t easily be shared within an organization.

@rahul-thakoor and @thgreasi from the Balena Team seemed to indicate they were working on an feature that would be organization-friendly.

Do you have any updates regarding this? An alternative maybe? I was thinking to write a script leveraging selenium, but can’t find how the view ID or filter ID are generated.

Thanks in advance for your help! :slight_smile:


We do not have any updates regarding this feature. It is still a topic for consideration, but other features have been prioritized. With regards to how the IDs are generated, those are random strings. Additionally I’ll note that, as of version 12.0.0 of the dashboard (released on the 04/13/2022), filters are no longer locally stored, instead they are saved in state. Filters are a temporary way to see a reduced group of entities. If you wish to save/store the filters, you would save the filters as a view.

Regarding sharing views and an alternative, you could share the value saved in your browser’s localstorage under the name {ENTITY}__views (where {ENTITY} would be replaced with an entity name, for example device__views). Once you provide this value to someone, they can then add the same key with the given value in their localstorage in order to have your saved views. Note that this will just give them the views you had saved at the time, for them to have any future views you have saved you would have to send them the updated value you have for the given key again. If you want to share one specific view, you can load the view and then send your colleague the dashboard url (which will have updated to reflect the filters applied in the chosen view). Once your colleague loads the url, they can save the view. In the future, views may be saved in the database which would change the view-sharing method, but again this is still a topic for consideration and discussion, there is not ETA for such a feature at the moment.

Hi @myarmolinsky,

Thank you for your reply. I’m sorry to hear the feature does not yet have an ETA.

I should have maybe specified that I was already using the saved views functionality.

I had also found the {ENTITY}_views key+value pair, but my goal was to skip the manual workflow of having one person manually copying it, and another one pasting it in their respective browsers.

Regarding the random strings, it seems that manually creating a complete entry and appending it to the array under {ENTITY}_views works, but can you tell me if there are any constraints on those apart from being unique and 16 alphanumeric characters long?

Thank you,

There are no constraints aside from it being unique and 16 alphanumeric characters long. You can see the function that generates the random string here: rendition/index.ts at 98d3934e80f75f14b276f3c2a2721601062e836b · balena-io-modules/rendition · GitHub

Perfect, thank you for confirming it :slight_smile: