Group devices to track release


We have devices for certain customers in the same BalenaCloud application. Now we need to pin every device to a specific release if it doesn’t need to use the “tracked” release. Most of the time this is a group of devices.

Is it possible to have something to generate different “tracked” releases depending in which group the device is?

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Hi @Clint

As explained in this section of our documentation, making use of device tags makes it quite easy to select a group of devices based on their tag values, and pin them as a group to a specific release.

Is this the type of solution you are looking for?

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This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!

Now I encountered the issue when I create a View, other users cannot see this. Is there a way to create organization wide Views?


Unfortunately views are stored locally right now and cannot be shared. I would suggest asking other persons to also manually create the views in the meantime.

we have an internal issue already tracking this and we will let you know once we have more details.


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I logged in on another computer with my account and the Views are also not available. This is what “stored locally” means or is there something wrong with my setup?


Hi Clint,
Yes that’s expected. Currently Views in the dashboard are stored only in your browser’s local storage.
So if you are clearing you browser’s local storage, using a private browsing mode or using a separate browser would result of not having your saved Views.

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Hi Team,

I was wondering if you have any updates regarding saved views that would be shared organization-wide.

Also, it would be nice to be able to create a view with the CLI (as opposed to the quite manual workflow on the dashboard). Would that be doable in the near future?

Thanks! :slight_smile: