Using balena To Deploy Animatronic Twitch Stream Co-Host

Hello balena gurus,

HotSpark, a Raspberry Pi 4 powered Twitch co-host, learned it’s first musical jig somewhat recently:

I’ll be covering this project live and how it works in the Tom’s Hardware Pi Cast tomorrow at 11:30 PST / 12:30 MST / 2:30 EST at:

You can also watch me make a fool of myself (while the bot shines) regularly at:

“HotSpark” is deployed via belana and runs a Node server to deliver an Open Broadcaster Software stream hud, interface with AWS services such as IoT Core, Lex and Polly and interact with viewers via the channel chat feature.

This was fun and helped me learn new things throughout the year that helped muchly in my much enjoyed day job development activities. :slight_smile:


Hey @owntheweb that’s a fun project! thanks for writing here!

Did you open source the project? Is there any way to test it and submit it on balenaHub?

Hello @mpous, thanks!

This particular project has been pretty niche, not something I saw scaling or supporting in general. The setup steps are a bit maddening at the moment and requires a lot of hobby wire, hot glue and pop sickle sticks (in my case literally that hehe). I did share the balena powered camera code that streams the bot (will find link and post), with some questions there I’ll post separately.

Wow, this is awesome. Well done @owntheweb.

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Great stuff! Nice work :heart_eyes:

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@owntheweb Awesome work here! Are you going to add members and create a little robot pop band??? Asking for a friend.

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Hah! Well, it does emit mouth and body movements via so that the built-in Python server can listen to the web server for animation instructions… and anything else subscribed to the server (synchronized dance moves possible!). :dancer: :man_dancing:

I wanted to keep that type of option open, yet haven’t had the energy to muster another bot character. :slight_smile: