openBalena overkill for simple kiosk displays?

Hello, I am interested in running Chromium in kiosk mode on Raspberry Pis, and wanted a way to easily manage the devices. Naturally, I found openBalena.

The setup I’m thinking would be similar to what is described here:

I am guessing openBalena will simplify that process, as I would only have to do it once and containerize it for balenaOS so that I can deploy to several devices?

Is that a proper use of openBalena, or would it really be overkill for a “simple” kiosk device?


Hello @felidelg ,

It’s always the best option to have your application containerised, not just for this IoT case but in general for every case of software applications. The workflow that you mentioned is correct, you have to containerise your application and then deploy it to your fleet of devices. Regarding the second question, indeed this is a proper use case of openBalena. Now the question is if you want to set up an openBalena instance to manage your fleet. If your purpose is to quickly develop and try out your app on few devices you can do that on balenaCloud, and then if you want to have your own openBalena instance to manage your devices you can set up one then. The application that you would have built by then can be deployed on openBalena and balenaCloud.

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Hi @mbalamat,

Thanks! That makes sense, and I hadn’t realized there was a free tier for balenaCloud. That will definitely help prototype the solution, and it’s good to know that what works on balenaCloud will work on an openBalena instance.