Open Source Minimum Example?

I know there has been a lot of effort from the team to open source the components that are needed to run a private (non-supported) fleet of devices on our own. And it feels like the time is near! Very exciting.

I am wondering what components are needed in order to run a minimal working system. It seems like the following are required:

  1. resin-api (not yet released as open source?)
  2. resin-supervisor (running on device and configured to use resin-api service above) – can this use a standard resin image with a custom config file to point to a resin-api service?
  3. resin-cli (configured to use resin-api service above)
  4. maybe a image registry?

I might be way off and am likely over simplifying. Anyone have any experience here they can share?

I’m basically trying to make a very crude and minimal version of this work for a few raspberrypi3 devices for a “what-if” demo behind a firewall. For all intents and purposes we should consider the network this system runs on to be air-gapped. No fancy UI, build servers, delta images, etc required.

Can anyone offer help?

Hi there @donfmorrison,

The open source version of will very easily cover the pieces you describe. We recommend you watch closely over the next month because we have some big and exciting announcements surrounding this project soon!

hey @donfmorrison, just following up here, you can check out and the corresponding github repo: to see the beta release of the opensource server side.

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