Only logo showing on my Intel NUC

Installed balenaOS on my NUC, and pushed my project to the device. Everything seems fine in the dashboard, and I can access my app via the public URL. However, the NUC itself only shows the balena logo on the screen. What do I have to do to display the application there?

Hi and welcome to the forums! Could you please share your application code in a gist for us to take a look? You can see an example of an (electron) app showing a GUI here with the barebones on how to do it

If you can’t share the application code for any reason, could you please provide us with an equivalent example for us to reproduce the issue and check it?

Hi! I ended up adding another service/container on my NUC, with the electron app you sent, and used the public URL from my main app as input variable. This is probably not the best solution, but solved my problem for now. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to share the code, but I am certain the problems I had were caused by user error. Thank you!