Online/offline refresh rate?


How can I configure the state refresh rate of the devices?
For example: an online device losses internet connectivity. I noticed that it takes a long time before the page shows the device as “offline”



Hi, the online-offline state is based on the device’s connection to the VPN server currently. If the device went offline because e.g. shutting off, then it updates more quickly as the connection is closed properly. If the device loses connection, there’s a time-out period, so it won’t update within that time (the server trying to see if the device reconnects if the connection issue is transient). Thus currently that is not configurable, how long it takes for a device to be marked offline. It’s required because there are indeed a lot of devices on slower network. :snail:

As I’ve checked now, it took between 2-to-3 minutes for the status to update for a device that I bumped offline. Is that too long time for your use case?

We are also working on different online/offline status measures, that should shorten the time for updates, and more informative too. No ETA at the moment, but will definitely highlight it here too when it’s done.


The time is kind of long for my use case, but I think we can wait for the update you mentioned. Looking forward for it :slight_smile:


Can you tell us a bit more about your use case?


We are building food delivery robots:
In case of an internet loss, we could get some confused thinking that the robot still has internet