One RPI in fleet downloads new image but fails to install

Hello forum,

I have one RPI3 in a fleet of identical units which is unable to install the latest image. Logs:

Failed to download image ‘’ due to ‘layers from manifest don’t match image configuration’

Tried a reboot, not sure what else I can do to remedy this? All other units took the update without any issues.

I also uploaded a couple new builds to see if that would fix it, no luck.

Thanks for reaching out. We have seen this error in previous OS version, and it seems related to inconsistency between the calculated deltas and the source image. Can you try moving your device between fleets, this is a easy workaround in fixing the inconsistency.

Let us know if it works for you? If not, happy to guide you towards a solution which requires few commands to be run in order to manually pull down the release image.

Hi, did you get to follow the suggestion my colleague provided and get your RPI to install the release image?