Failure to download image because of manifest problems?

Hey all!

Hitting a weird thing when images are updating from a new release:

Failed to download image '' due to 'layers from manifest don't match image configuration'

The image in question seems to be on an update loop of some kind (by the way, this is the browser block image). I will add, I had done a couple rapid updates to the release, so it built about 4 times back to back.

Can share device and logs if needed. Or else support access is on until 2/28: balena dashboard

Edit: I had a feeling that a reboot would fix the problem, and I think it did? Persistent logging is turned on in the device

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Hey @nucleardreamer ! You’ve encountered an instance of an Engine issue with still-unclear root cause. Here’s an excellent comment from one of our engineers with the latest on investigation of this issue: Error: layers from manifest don't match image configuration · Issue #244 · balena-os/balena-engine · GitHub

You’ve found that a reboot fixes the issue; I expect a balenaEngine restart should also resolve it, if an Engine state inconsistency is the cause of the error message.

Feel free to follow the GitHub issue for updates!

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