Odroid HC2 Support

Is there support planned for the Odroid HC2, or any existing images that might work with it? I tried flashing with the Resin Odroid XU4 image and am unable to boot from it.

Hi Jacob,
I haven’t tried a HC2.
Does it come with a debug UART?
You could use that debug connection to check if it’s at least booting to u-boot. Can you check and come back to us please?

We do not have a serial cable but are ordering one in from Sparkfun, will keep you updated.


We finally got our UART serial cable, we are using the Odroid HC2 and are having troubles connecting to it over serial. We’ve tried minicom and putty. I’m not sure if we are doing it wrong or it’s not working properly. We’ve tried 9600, 115200, and 1500000 baud with no luck.

Couldn’t find anything that would help us connect to it, any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jacob. Did you try with a development image?
And one other thing. are you able to use the serial console login on a regular Odroid XU4 using the same serial cable?

I’ve just gotten my Odroid HC2 with the hopes of it working with Balena out of the box, since its XU4 based. Still no luck on booting. Now I will buy this UART adapter meant to debug the Odroid boards: https://ameridroid.com/products/usb-uart-module-kit. Let me know if there is anything I should do to start debugging!


In order to debug this, please download a development BalenaOS image and connect the serial port to your computer.
Then send us the logs from the serial port.