node-red module crash

Hi there

I am a very happy user of Balena and Node-red for all my devices running various projects at home. Just this evening I made the mistake of installing a node-red module on one of my RPI’s inside the node-red app (to test something) and it created the problem described here:

Obviously if you have node-red installed “directly” somewhere you can go in and npm uninstall the crashing module. But with Balena as the host I don’t know how to get access to the behind the scenes stuff. The problem is that the node-red instance crashed under boot so I can’t access the node-red itself to uninstall the module. I can access the RPI through the SSH interface but I don’t know where to find the node-red modules.

Is there something I can do here? I would be really really nice not having to restart this particular RPI instance as the node-red code (the actual flows) only lives inside node-red on that RPI.

Thanks for any help.


I figured out a way: being really quick while the node-red instance is booting I managed to ssh into the node-red shell and quickly locate the directory and remove it. At the next boot it was gone and it booted like it should.