node does not work with balena node-red

I have installed balena node-red, except some node does not work for example: with node-red-node-pi-gpio i have this error:
nrgpio python command not running

have you an idea ?


Hi there, are you running the latest commit from master? just to be clear, are you referring to this project?

where can I see the version in the balena console?

from the balena dashboard, you can check for the CURRENT RELEASE hash

also, can you please confirm you are pushing from this repository?

realease ba89ee2

where is realease in github??

Hi, can you also paste the output of git remote -v ?

my version is 2.1.0

Can you also paste the output of git remote -v and git log --oneline when you run this command in the balena-node-red git repository?


how i can test This command i am not yet well acquainted with balena console

and for information, I updated balena node-red to 2.2.1

So I switched to node red version 1.1.3

but i still have the same error code

i have this error with node ine the manage palette:

Error: /usr/local/lib/node_modules/node-red-contrib-balena/depDevices/depDevices.html does not 
Error: /usr/local/lib/node_modules/node-red-contrib-balena/depApps/depApps.html does not exist


Can you open terminal in your system(not balena console) and navigate to the code folder of balena-node-red, then run git remote -v, git log --online.

I’m sorry but I don’t understand

when you say run: git remote -v, git log --online.

where ??
windows terminal?

Hey there! Those commands should be executed on the terminal emulator you were using to push the project to balena.

the terminal to push the project is CMD windows
the command :

git remote -v, git log --online.

doesn t works

git is not a command dos !!

Notice that “git remote -v, git log --online” are two different commands, separated by a comma.

git is not a command dos !!

Are you sure this is the command prompt you used to push the code to balena? The error says that it can’t find the git program, which you must have used before in order to clone the project.

i push balena projet with balena cli

i don’t understand
have you a screen shot?

Hi there,

How did you get the code from the github repository? Did you download a folder and unpack or use git? Most of the time people would install the git cli and use the git clone command to clone the repository onto their computer

Our team is actually trying to confirm that you are using this code from this repo:

no i don’t use git, i downloaded the zip package.

and push with balena cli

version 2.1.1

Hello there, did you download your project from here: ?