No Wifi on HP Stream 11 with Broadcom BCM43142


I am trying to give this old fudbook a new breathe of life using balena-cloud.
both generic and intel-nuc builds boot, both have the b43.ko module, but all give me a strange output regarding something that is unknown when loading the bcma-pci-bus

Processor operating modes 64-bit
Processor series
Intel Celeron N3050 with Intel® HD Graphics (1.6 GHz, up to 2.16 GHz, 2 MB cache, 2 cores)
Processor codename Braswell
5.5401651 bcma-pci-bridge 0000:02:00.0: bus: Found chip with id 43142, reu 0x01 and package 0x08
5.5430491 bema-pci-bridge0000:02:00.0: bus0: Core O found: ChipCommon (manuf 0x4HI, id 0x800, reu ex28, class 0x0)
5.543082] bcma-pci-bridge0000:02:00.0: bus: Core 1 found: IEEE 802.11 (manuf 0x4BF, id 0x812, reu 0x21. class ex0)
5.5431401 bcma-pci-bridge0000:02:00.0: bus: Core 2 found: PCIe (manuf Ox4BF, id Ox8Z0, reu 0x16, class 0x0)
5432121 bema-pci-bridge 0000:02:00.0: bust: Core 3 found: UNKNOWN (manuf 0x43B, id 0x368, reu 0x00, class 0x0)
5514141 videodev: Linux video capture interface: v2.00

I guess i need to add some type of quirk to the boot menu on grub, but any ideas what that might be?

I’ve tried this on all 3 production images available when adding a new device after creating a new fleet on balenacloud.

iw list shows no devices, and i can’t see anything using ip a/ifconfig

any help would be great