No API Communication with some Devices

I have an application with devices in 2 different locations.

Location 1 is in Seattle, the devices are on our internal network and they have both VPN and API access. These devices can be updated or have their environment variables modified.

Location 2 is in Guadalajara, Mexico. These devices are connected to our network in Seattle via a VPN. The devices show that they are connected to the VPN, however, they show a broken heart for no recent VPN communication. These devices do not update to new images, and the devices do not update to new environment variable values.

Do you have any suggestions for where I can start debugging this issue?


Seems to be an issue with the MTU/MTR settings with our upstream provider in Mexico. Will update as I learn more.

We were able to force updates to occur by manually setting the MTU value in the Host-OS using the ifconfig eth0 mtu 1496 command.

To fix this issue longterm we will need to work with our upstream provider.

Hi there.

It seems like you have diagnosed the issue. I have seen MTU cause issues in the past. Please keep us in the loop as your fix may be of use to other forum users. Also don’t hesitate to reach out again if you have any more questions.

Good luck!