Netbooting possibility?

General point of inquiry regarding the balenaFin, like the later version os the RPi is it possible to network boot this balenaFin? Otherwise this looks like a pretty good product and might be time to migrate.

I’ll forward this question to be sure, but I should think it’s possible because the Fin is a carrier board for the RPi compute module, and I gather it’s possible to net boot a regular RPi:

The Fin is an amazing piece of hardware and networking is one of its strong points, so I’d be surprised if netbooting wasn’t possible. Let’s see what the Fin team will have to say…

Hello again,

We’ve been in discussion with the relevant engineers, and the good news uboot support for netbooting is included in our images and you should be able to netboot the Fin in the same way as the Raspberry Pi 3 does. Please see here: for further details.

Best regards, Heds