My Device is Stuck Updating!


I have a balena cloud device (Jetson Nano) that is stuck updating. The health checks say the supervisor is restarting and I can’t seem to get it to proceed. Power cycling hasn’t help and my commands to reboot fail even though I can still SSH into the host.

How should I proceed?

Support has been granted access and the UUID is 5705fe24d36f7a94317e2c970c682d67

Hi there, it appears that the filesystem on this device is corrupted. At this point, the best approach is to replace the SD card and re-flash.

How did that occur? Are there no other troubleshooting steps?

Looking at dmesg output, it looks like the filesystem was not properly unmounted. It could also be a faulty SD card itself, among other things. At this point, since the operating system is reporting errors on the filesystem, it may be possible to mount the filesystem(s) in another Linux machine, repair them and try to extract any data that may be required. But for operational stability, a re-flash is the only way to get back to a known good state.

Got it. I see.

I guess I’ll just keep an eye on it to see if it happens again.