Must-read books / articles

Hi all,

After seeing this topic, I’m curious about what books and/or articles are must reads regarding software, DevOps, flows, scrum, kanban etc.

I haven’t read books about these subjects, but I know that a lot of people in this business learn lots from reading those books. So I’m looking for books / articles that’ve inspired you or where you’ve learned a lot from. Right now I want to learn more about working agile with kanban for example.

All tips are very welcome!

@bversluijs one of my colleagues actually pinged me about your thread because he knew I had a great experience reading The Phoenix Project. :slight_smile:

I came from a job completely unrelated to DevOps, but someone recommended this to me to help explain agile development and the problems it helps solve. It turned out to be one of the best books I’ve ever read about solving business / IT needs. It explains everything in a narrative format, it almost feels like you’re reading someone’s blog (the good ones), which makes it very relatable and just brings home the value of these sorts of dev processes and ways of thinking.

Anyway, I’m glad you asked so I could share that book with someone other than my co-workers who are probably tired of hearing about it by now. Happy reading, and feel free to share if you find something else valuable as well!


Hi Kenna,

Thanks for your response! I’ve seen it a couple of times browsing for the right books, but it sounds like I can learn a lot from this! It’ll be delivered in a couple of days, and I’ll definitely share my findings about the book!

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