Multiple services not visible in the Balena cloud dashboard

I have pushed two projects (services?) to my single device. The first is the example project for a WiFi Repeater. This works perfectly. I pushed this project first, and it appeared as a “service” on the dashboard. Then I pushed a second project which was a simple python web server. Now the WiFi Repeater disappeared, and was replaced by the web server. The web server works fine, but the WiFi repeater also continues to operate too, but now I cannot see it listed as a service. Why can I not see the WiFi Repeater service, even though it is operational?

Hi there, it is not possible yet to create multiple applications on the same device. What we allow is to create multiple services in the same application as explained here:
Each service is a docker container, if not clear what a container is, here you can find the definition:
What I can suggest you to achieve what you want to do is to run the two projects as a single project but on two different containers as explained in the first guide I sent you.

Thanks, that makes sense. Out of curiosity, if multiple applications are not allowed, why do the two applications work in this case? The wifi repeater continues to work, and the web server also works. I have double checked and they are definitely working.
I just rebooted the Pi, and now the WiFi repeater is no longer running. Only the web server remains.