balenacloud milticontainer for balenaPrint (CUPS), wifi-to-ethernet, and wifi-repeater


I have a stand alone copier from Lexmark that needs to be connected to my router, as well as a Zebra Thermal printer that I need to enable network printing on. There is no data drop near the printer’s placement and we are moving offices in three months.

I was looking to use a RaspberryPi 4 to have multi-container for CUPS, wifi-to-ethernet, and wifi-repeater and deploy through balena cloud using the GitHub repos.

Can anyone point me towards a guide on how to?

Thank you!

Hi @adam-grant,

It’s not possible to join multiple fleets at once, and it’s not yet possible to have multiple “applications” (sets of containers for a purpose), but, although not officially supported you could in theory create a docker-compose file that had all that was needed for each one of those. As long as there was no resource conflict (two containers trying to use the same exclusive resource) then it could be made to work. You will have to fork each repo individually and put together the combined docker-compose.

There are a couple of resources on our Docs to help you get started if you are new to creating a Docker file:

Hope this helps, let us know if you need any more help :blush: