Multicontainer support for context options

Hi, i’ve been trying with no success to run a multi container setup that grabs a Dockerfile using git/gitlab context access.
It’s supported on compose file v2 via the “build: context:” tag. If I build manually using docker-compose it works fine, so i’m thinking maybe it’s not implemented into the balena builder. I tried on the docs but could not find any reference to it.

In my compose file I’ve tried:

I’m still a bit new to balena/resin, so maybe i missed something obvious or maybe this feature is just not implemented.
Any information on this topic is highly appreciated :smiley:

Hi @tmigone, I think that use case is not yet supported, but we have an open issue tracking adding support for it.

Currently it’s probably better if you commit all your files to the same repo, I believe.

For our information, do you do git push, balena push or balena deploy (this last 2 are using our CLI)?

We are also working on build time secrets, so that you’d be able to do something similar as above (just not necessarily with context) without checking in your username/password, which is rarely a good idea.

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Thanks for the information!
I am indeed trying to avoid using one repo for everything haha, guess not for now!
I was using ‘git push’ to do the deployment.

Do you have the issue number available so i can track it?
Thanks again!

The issue is in our internal tracker, unfortunately, as it touches on multiple components, but once it hits any of the outside components, we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for the additional info as well!

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