Resin/balena name migration

Questions regarding resin/balena namespace cleanup

Page is incomplete/misleading regarding resin/balena namespace and when it happend

hey @aliasbits the subdomain should still work, doesn’t it for you?

Looks like supervisor v7.22.0 introduced the BALENA_* env vars (1) and v7.23.0 brought in the io.balena.* labels (2)


Regarding named volumes, those can have arbitrary names, resin-data is a a remnant of how persistent storage worked prior to balenaOS v2.12.0

It still works, but unsure if will be deprecated at some point

Just to be sure. Will any named volume be persisted until installation of new application?

As of now we use ‘resin-data:/persistent’ in the docker compose to setup persistent storage

What balenaOS version are you running?

Right now we are using:
balenaOS 2.29.0+rev1 supervisor 9.0.1
balenaOS 2.39.0+rev3 supervisor 10.0.3

yes any named volume you define will be persisted across application and/or OS updates

Hey @aliasbits

When you move a device between applications, the volumes associated with the previous application will be removed. This means that any data stored in those volumes will be deleted.

Since supervisor v10, when you remove a volume from your docker-compose file, the volume is not removed from the device, and must be done explicitly. With supervisor versions earlier than this, removing a volume from the docker-compose file will also remove it from the device and delete the data.

Please let me know if you’d like some further clarification.