MQT-LNA7-B02 LTE support

I have an LTE modem MQT-LNA7-B02

VID: 0x2C7C, PID: 0x0195,
Anysmart Technologies Co., Ltd.
EG95 LTE modem

Is there a way support this modem? I tried the steps in “Cellular Modem Setup”, but I get no modem.
mmcli shows no modems
nmcli shows no GSM driver.


Hi, this specific modem was added to upstream Linux in v5.8
What device type are you using for your application? In some cases we might be able to backport support.

Thanks for your response.

I’m not sure what you mean by device type, but the chip under the label says:
Quectel EG95-NA.
It is a USB based LTE modem. I can see it with lsusb but I cannot see it using mmcli.

We have temporarily used a different modem that works, but I would like to hear if you end up supporting this modem.

Hey @rjtonnis!

Is there a specific single board computer running balenaOS where the EG95 modem is being connected? For example Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ or Raspberry Pi Zero W?


The device is 64-bit x86. The specific model in this case is Advantech UNO-137 which has an Intel Atom E3940 processor. The modem could be used on other x86 devices though.


Thanks @rjtonnis!

I’ve opened an issue on our balena-intel repo and you can check the progress with this link:

It’s already on the roadmap so stay tuned for updates!

Take care,

You are awesome. Thank you.

Hey @rjtonnis, just a heads up that this driver was released as part of BalenaOS 2.83.1+rev8 for the Generic x86_64 device type.