Mozilla Web of Things, Things Gateway With Resin

Integrating mozilla’s Web of Things would be incredibly useful for my application.

I’m thinking of attempting to clone and just build the library, there is a bunch of tools for device discovery and there is also a means to connect the device to the internet, just like resin has done.

I think this is a good direction for resin to go to increase resin devices and all other devices!

Checkout the project here:

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Yeah, been looking at that as well when seen the announcement, keep us posted how the project goes! :slight_smile:

I know this is an old thread but Im attempting to do this now. Im running into docker errors though. Anyone else attempt this yet?

Hi @mowi22! Could you share the docker errors you’re seeing? Are you pushing the Dockerfile from that repo? Looking at what it says there it looks like using this one would be the best: (though you might have to change the FROM line to an ARM image if you’re using a Raspberry Pi, or just use an empty Dockerfile with FROM mozillaiot/gateway:arm)

Yes, I’m using that repo. I get an error at the ADD service /etc/service.
[web] Step 12/14 : ADD service /etc/service [Info] Uploading images [web] lstat service: no such file or directory [Success] Successfully uploaded images [Error] Some services failed to build: [Error] Service: web [Error] Error: lstat service: no such file or directory [Error] Not deploying release.

Creating the empty dockerfile with FROM mozillaiot/gateway:arm worked in allowing it to build