Move a device to a different app -> disconnects and won't reconnect

In my efforts to create a bit of a deployment pipeline of apps that I could move devices between, I seem to have accidentally created a “tar pit”. I have two forks of my production app, a “staging” and a “qa”. Up until a few moments ago, “QA” seemed to be working fine - we’ve been using this setup with some success for a couple of weeks as we manufacture and test new devices.

Then, just a few moments ago, we noticed when we moved a device to “QA”, it came disconnected and would not reconnect. We tried it a couple more times with other test devices, and the behavior unfortunately seems repeatable - take a nice green device in staging, move it to QA, and it goes into the pit of despair! The device never reconnects in the new app (or at least doesn’t show on the dashboard as doing so) When we take out the SD cards and look at the network settings, nothing seems amiss, but the devices - RPi 3s - will not connect to wifi or hardline. There were no changes to the codebase between working and not (and even so, what could I have done to make the devices completely unreachable?)

I think what terrifies me somewhat about this is that I could do the same thing, stupidly, to staging or production, leaving me driving a long to retrieve those boxes, lol. A few suggestions as to what foolish thing I might have done to bring about this condition would be appreciated…

Cheers and thanks, -brad

Is it possible you could let us know what type of device this is, what version of resinOS it is running and (if possible) a link to the repo; if you’d rather the repo link be kept private I’m reaching out with a message that you can reply to which will keep those details off the forums.